You may now crown me the…

You may now crown me the Queen of Work Avoidance.

It's amazing how many things one can find to do when one doesn't want to work. Yesterday, I cooked. Boy, did I ever cook. And I had a good excuse, too.

See, El and Ian were going sailing today (they'd asked me to come, but I had a writer's group this afternoon -- Heather and David and Carol are going, though -- ah, duty!), and El had asked me yesterday morning if I had any idea for good finger food to take on the boat. And I immediately thought of mas paan. Now, mas paan are little curry-filled buns. Absolutely delicious hot, and pretty good cold. Perfect travelling food. So, I decided I had to make them for her. Everyone helped, of course, but they still took a couple of hours (I made a double batch so I'd have some for myself). Not to mention cooking earlier in the day. Total cooking yesterday:

  • Cranberry and cranberry-white chocolate muffins for breakfast (a batch of ten, gone by lunchtime -- the boys can eat!)
  • Pasta with many peppers for lunch with David. There's a little of that left, barely a meal. Pretty good.
  • Potato curry (triple batch)
  • Mixed vegetables curry (double batch)
  • Spinach curry (double batch)
  • Chicken curry
  • Mas paan -- making the dough, letting it rise (during which time I read a book instead of working), separating into 60 equal parts, making small circles of dough, filling them with curry, closing them and turning them over and placing them on greased cookie sheets and brushing with beaten egg yolk and water and baking for a little bit
I would have cooked some of that in any case, for dinner (oh, David made the rice), which David and I and Heather ate (and Ian and El had a little). But the double and triple batches were so we were sure to have enough to fill the buns with varied and interesting stuff. They came out beautifully, but I only worked about 3 hours yesterday.

Today's not much better, to be honest. Slow day so far. Finished the book -- Carole Maso's The Art Lover, which is even more interesting than her last book, Ghost Dance -- it's a beautifully woven combination of memoir and novel, and works surprisingly well. Very sad at times...she does not shy away from grief. Puttered around a bit with e-mail and Clean Sheets stuff. But soon, soon work must be done.

Things to do soon:

  • Review contract draft for CS
  • Finish transcribing Sarah tape
  • Draft web pages for her
  • Read and crit Karen's story
  • Call Jane re: various CS stuff
  • Pay bills
I'm sure there's more, but I can't remember them now. Maybe I should add: Make ongoing list of things to do. :-)

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