Hey, munchkins. I know,…

Hey, munchkins. I know, I haven't talked to y'all in days, but you will forgive me, since in exchange I have managed to get Clean Sheets up and running! Stop over and check out the fiction, book review, how-to column and editorial. I'll be doing an editorial every week, so now you're assured of reading something new regularly. :-) Next week we'll be adding poetry (edited by Heather :-), art, humor, and a lube product review. By the end of the month, we should have a whole issue up, and in November, we'll start rotating things off and on. It's very exciting, and I can see that this could easily consume my life. I was up until 6 a.m. on Tuesday night getting the first slice up there (Heather gallantly stayed up 'til 4:30 to keep me company and helped me untangle some knotty problems as I tried to decipher someone else's HTML code (they were using things, like tables, that I had no experience of, meep.)), and while I don't expect such late hours to be a regular thing, I do think I should just not expect to do anything else on Tuesday nights -- or at least not schedule anything I need to be awake for on Wednesday mornings.

We'll be doing a fair bit of fine-tuning over the next month, so please feel free to write me with any suggestions. My regular address is fine, or you can try editor@cleansheets.com (which I'll probably read less frequently, to be honest).

Soon we'll have a message board up there, so we can get feedback publically; that'll be interesting. Oh, I could talk about this project for pages, and I should really go do some work that will actually pay me, so I'll talk to y'all later, okay? Hope everyone's well...

(I will note that I had a perfectly lovely day with Heather yesterday. Didn't get so much accomplished, but had a lot of fun puttering around doing little errands and such. About as much as my brain could handle, after staying up all night.)

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