Well, technically it’s…

Well, technically it's Friday, but since I haven't gone to sleep yet, it doesn't count. And how'd it get to be this late in the week anyway? Where does the time go, huh?

A fair bit of it has gone to Clean Sheets this week. Finally sorting out the legal stuff. Met with the contracts lawyer today, who was a sweetheart and very clear. Thanks the gods. Need to talk to the Small Business Counsel people soon (tomorrow?) about incorporating. All very interesting, I must say. A little scary too, but I think I can probably handle it.

There are also lots of within-magazine issues that have to be dealt with more and more expeditiously as we approach kick-off date of October 1st. I *think* we'll be starting on schedule. Fingers crossed for us, okay? Less than two weeks to go! Meep! It's a good thing I'm such a last-minute-meet the damned deadline-no matter what it takes! kind of person.

I spent too much money on books today. Nothing new there. My stack of unread books is growing to unreasonable proportions, but I did manage to read through one new book today, and boy it was a good one. Vonda McIntyre's _The Moon and the Sun_, a fantasy novel set in the court of Louis XIV, and absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully done, with interesting characterization, difficult situations, beauty, sex, danger, death, power, politics, and an impressive attention to historical detail. I think I even learned a fair bit about the period (one I've been abysmally ignorant about for quite a long time) in the process of reading this novel. My only negative with it is that at 11 o'clock I was getting really tired and hadn't finished it yet so I drank some tea which explains why I'm up at 1:15 a.m. and typing furiously. Sigh. Well, maybe one of you will read the novel as a result of this entry, and that will make it worthwhile.

Part of the reason I don't like being up this late is that everyone else is asleep. Somehow that doesn't bother me at 5 a.m. when I've just woken up -- I suppose because I tend to be happy when I wake up, and a little sad before I go to sleep; I don't know why. Normally when I'm feeling sad, I either read (but I've read for many hours today, and my eyes are a bit tired) or call a friend. But it's rather late for that; most people are asleep, and while I could call Kevin -- he might even be up -- his mother is visiting right now, I think, and I wouldn't want to wake her. I think the phone is in the guest room. And I'm nowhere near sad/upset enough to justify risking it. Perhaps I'll just write him a long letter instead....or maybe I'll answer a few more e-mails and go to sleep. In any case, good night, munchkins. Talk to you soon.

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