Hey, munchkins. Gosh,…

Hey, munchkins. Gosh, I'm tired -- I think I've been at this computer basically since 7 a.m...and it's 11:30 p.m. now. This is what happens when you go out of town for a few days...even when you have e-mail there. Funny, in a strange and perverted way. :-)

What news? Well, David drove me around some today to help me pick up things for the tea party Saturday (don't ask me why I decided I needed to have a tea party. I just did). We managed to find some lovely teapots, reasonably priced, at Peet's (and after visiting only five stores! :-), and even found some Devonshire cream. Interestingly enough, I debated buying two, only bought one, regretted it, planned to go back, and then El showed up this evening with another bottle of Devonshire cream! (Okay, maybe that was only interesting to me, but that's just your tough luck, innit?)

Should be good fun. Finally started tech writing today, and tomorrow is to be devoted to it. Joy, rapture, delight. :-) I am amazed by the way this industry works; don't even let me get started on lack of product functionality on this beta, or how they expect us to document it, or how little it corresponds to the technical specs, etc. and so on.

I'd write you guys a poem, but I think my brain is too smooshed. I did send out another short story, "You Have Your Reasons", which may be either a) too unpleasant or b) too oblique. I'm not sure. Feedback welcome, as always...and now I think I'm going to go read a little and then pour myself into bed. G'night, all. Sleep well.

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