Houston, we are…

Houston, we are experiencing technical difficulties.

Theoretically, would have started the first day of actual writing on the tech writing project today. In actual fact, experienced one technical problem after another (some appearing out of the blue, some because of my own ignorance), and work has ground to a halt (as we wait for technical assistance), before it is even properly begun. This is especially frustrating because I had hoped to get a good solid day of writing in before heading out of town.

I'll be visiting Kevin in Utah from tomorrow 'til the 9th. I'll still be doing the tech writing; I should be able to take the whole setup there (and with any luck, he should be able to help me with the IBM side of things, so things may go smoother. I despise IBMs, I really do.) I am tremendously looking forward to seeing him, and a little apprehensive about Salt Lake City. I hope I like it there; I'll probably be spending a lot of time there over the next three years.

Guess I'll go pack and then read a little, since I can't work. Argh. *bang head against wall* Really glad David was here to calm me down earlier, or I would have been sorely tempted to smash the dang computer -- and it's not mine, so that would have been very bad. Very very bad.

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