Hey, munchkins. Still…

Hey, munchkins. Still no outside work. Could use an income.

In other news, work on Clean Sheets is generally proceeding smoothly, though we've had some difficulties with getting our e-mail set up. Hopefully will be cleared up soon.

Another story of mine has been bought - "Girl Behind the Fantasy" is going to be published in a new anthology, _Hot off the Net_. Just a little money, but it's always nice to have another publication. Will let you know when it's out.

That was a nice consolation to the rejection I got from Playboy yesterday. They don't want "Amanda" -- I'm getting a little worried about this poor story. I'm also not sure if it's the controversial subject matter or the writing or both that's getting this piece rejected. It would help to know. Ah well -- time to send it out again.

Today, phone calls to make. Calling Masquerade for a couple of things, calling Melcher Media. I hope it clears up -- I might drag David sailing this afternoon. I haven't sailed since school ended, and I don't want to forget how. Need to make a dentist appointment (I'm really bad about such things.) Have to finish clearing away the piled up paperwork. Those are the goals for the day.

Haven't a very hard time motivating this morning, perhaps because it's so grey outside. The weather has turned crisp, and while I rather like that in feel, I could wish for a little more brightness. I tend to either like bright sunshine or actual rain...foreboding doom and gloom doesn't do much for me. Oh well -- best have my tea and try to get working anyway.

Have a good day, everyone.

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