Good morning! Well, I…

Good morning! Well, I hadn't planned on getting up at 5, but it happened anyway, and I'm not going to complain, since I was going to try to get on that schedule soon anyway. Bit of an odd morning -- brain's churning with ideas. It's actually been that way since WorldCon -- overstimulated, I suppose. In any case, I woke up and wrote my first hypertext story. I'm not sure it's done, actually. I have a feeling I'll be accreting other material onto this basic story as time goes on. That'll be interesting, if it happens. But in the meantime, it's complete enough to read, so I invite you to visit And Can This Ever End?

A bit dozy, so I'm going to go do my exercises and see if that wakes me up. Then call the temp agency and tell them I'm available for the week (the tech writing thing definitely starts next Monday). Then start working through the pile of piled up stuff. I think I was logged on from pretty much 8 a.m. yesterday to 11 p.m....and there's still a fair bit of backlog. Oof.

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