Gosh, July is just…

Gosh, July is just racing along; having a hard time keeping up...

Woke up with a bit of a cold this morning, it seems like. Maybe Kevin made me sick; we had a tendency to pass colds back and forth. It's more fun if you can blame someone. :-)

Vast tracts of backlogged e-mail to handle, not to mention the pile of papers in my room. And there's a Clarion meeting tonight (not the usual scheduled time, due to conflicts), so a stack of stories to read and crit (including a good chunk of someone's novel). Should be a full day.

Had great fun last night with El working on my pirate costume (for an upcoming Pirate Ball and for WorldCon (BucConeer)) and watching an old Errol Flynn movie. Funny how different movie style was back then; lots of narrative voiceover that would surely be dramatized now. Interesting. Ellie got some costuming ideas, and we all (Ian too) enjoyed the movie. There are times when it's really nice to have housemates; Ian went out and picked up the movie and El made dinner (both of which I was too tired to do). And, of course, El has been a great help with the costume. I learned how to make a panelled skirt with a waistband yesterday. This morning I learn about modesty panels and hooks and eyes. Very exciting. :-) I am *so* glad I convinced my mum that I really did want a sewing machine for last Christmas (I don't think she really believed me, even after I got it). El's got a beautiful old Singer, but it works by treadle, and I'm just too lazy...

I'll be bopping up and down between here and Kev's parents' house for the rest of July, so if the journals get a bit scanty, that's why. They have e-mail, but the interface is a bit frustrating to work with (*and* it's not a Mac... :( ).

It's tremendously wonderful having Kev around again -- but you probably gathered that from the poem. :-)

Hope y'all are having a lovely week...talk to ya later.

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