Hey, munchkins. Tired,…

Hey, munchkins. Tired, and feeling a bit ill, so I'll skip the profuse apologies for not writing in so long...you've all heard them before.

Gosh, I don't know if I *can* reconstruct what's happened since last Wendesday. Hmm...well, finished off at the temp job on Friday. Work went fine, and at Friday lunch I got to meet one of *you* who was coincidentally working at Chiron. Very nice meeting you, Louise -- hope you enjoyed it too! :-)

Hmm..backtracking to Thursday, had a pleasant dinner at Breads of India with an Irish dance friend, Chris. Conversation became way too introspective later, but we survived intact, I think. Hopefully he'll forgive me for not meeting him at dancing tonight -- too tired!

Oh, and Wednesday was the Sex Toy Tales reading at Barnes and Noble. David and Heather both came in support, which was very nice of them, and the reading was a lot of fun. David hadn't really seen me read before, and claims that my onstage personality is intriguingly different from normal life. Dunno. Talked to the B&N people about a reading for Maiden Voyage (gotta contact Marti tomorrow and find out what's up with that), chatted a fair bit with Francisco, author of "Tea for Three", which was delightful, and got to meet Meg, reader in town to visit her sister, I believe. That was great fun! Hi, Meg!

Okay, skipping forward again; dinner with David on Friday, followed by prep on Saturday for his sister's visit. Great excuse to pick up some kitchenwares we'd been lacking, like trivets! :-) El's refinished the table, and it's gorgeous, so I'd hate to mark it up with hot plates accidentally...

The dinner itself, with Beth (David's sister), Jay (Beth's spouse), David, Heather and Josh (David's brother), went well, I think. I discovered some new recipes (antipasto and spinach gnocchi), which I'm afraid I'm too tired to bother putting up here unless someone begs, which went over quite well. And it was neat watching the three siblings interact; I nobly resisted the urge to beg Beth for embarrassing Young David stories. :-) I settled for teasing him with the rest of the table instead. I bet Beth is really good at teasing him when she wants to...

Yesterday got back to work. Called up Arthur and talked him into coming up and working with me at World Ground cafe; that was very pleasant. Much more fun than working alone, even if (possibly) less productive. (The possibly is 'cause even if you do less 'cause you're talking more, you're less likely to just blow everything off completely). Then went back and watched The Tall Guy, which he hadn't seen, despite being a big Four Weddings and a Funeral fan (same author, Emma Thompson being utterly charming). It's not quite as strong a movie, but fun, and we enjoyed it.

Today, worked some more, mostly on a mysterious project. I'll tell you more about it if it looks like it's actually happening, but right now I'm excited and enthused (wrote three pages yesterday and nine today). David came and kept me company in the coffeehouse today for a couple of hours. So kind... Tonight I watched the first tape of Short Cuts, but it got too long and depressing to keep watching. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Okay, eyes closing. Sorry for the rather dry summary...sleep well. I promise you something creative soon, really.

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