Well, you almost got a…

Well, you almost got a journal entry from me at 1 a.m....that's when I woke up, with more icky mosquity bites. I have *got* to find a way to deal with this. Citronella candles next, I think.

I took some more Benadryl and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral again instead. That was actually perfect...I really like that movie and its takes on marriage (and, of course, got weepy during Auden *again*) and love and relationships. I think my favorite character is Charles's deaf brother -- he has more sense than the rest of them put together. Nerve, too.

Then I put on the kettle for tea. Then I sort of dozed through The Princess Bride. Then I discovered that the kettle was still on. It cracked while cooking, sadly. I owe Ellie a new kettle. She owes me a new frying pan, though (well, she and Ian), so we'll just have a big roommate-appliance-buying extravaganza. We've gone through four kettles in the last year, I think.

Well, today another temp interview, then do some shopping for work clothes; I am sadly lacking, and there are many sales today. Before I head out, I'm going to print "Deep with Sea" and send it out again. Rejected twice, poor story. People like it though, so hopefully it will find a home. Lots of stuff to put in the mail; contract with Black Sheets, birthday present for Lisette (to her new Hollywood address!), sub of "Interruptions" for an Asian journal. A bit nervous sending that out, because I don't know that my parents will be happy having it published. It's the first thing I've written that really addresses race/family issues. But it's a good story, and important, I think. Sigh. I'll send it out, anyway. I can always chicken out if they decide they want it.

Gods, I'm tired. Already looking forward to coming home...

Hope y'all are having a better day than I am.

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