Still frantically busy,…

Still frantically busy, my dears. Sorry! The good news is that Heather has started keeping an on-line journal. Why am I telling you this? Because not only is she a good writer (of course she's a good writer, why else would I buy her story, eh?), but she will probably be at least occasionally mentioning me in her journals, and things we're doing, so it may be interesting for you to get events from her perspective as well as mine. Or rather than mine, these days, since I'm so swamped.

Almost done putting Maiden Voyage together, huzzah! And it looks like the stressful academic stuff may work out. Maybe. We'll see.

Good recent reads: Joanna Russ's _Picnic on Paradise_ and _And Chaos Died_. Fascinating writing style, short, really twisted way of looking at the world. Been quite a relief for me. Good recent movie watching: Impromptu (which Jed recommended and I *had* it turned out seen before but it was well worth watching again; the scandalous life of George Sand and Chopin and Liszt (sp?) and others) and Kama Sutra (which David tells me he didn't like when he watched it, but I think he missed the point. I think he was watching it as a conventional movie, when in fact you have to watch it as a dark fairy tale instead, with princesses and servant girls and wicked kings and lots of beautiful Indian women and lots of amazingly hot scenes. You might even want to turn the sound off for most of it. :-)

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