Well, today’s the last…

Well, today's the last day of classes, and then I get a week of Spring Break. People keep asking me what I'm doing for the break -- I laugh hollowly, look gaunt, and respond, "Finishing my thesis, of course. Why do you ask?" They generally back away as fast as they can, muttering weak sympathies...

Actually, I'm looking forward to finishing the darn thing. Just a few more sections, and then revisions, and then hand it in by April 7th. Oof. Wish me luck.

I posted to a newsgroup this morning for the first time in ages -- I've started reading rec.arts.sf.composition again. I wish I could justify it by saying it was a terribly witty, informative and on-topic post, but I actually was trying to explain California to a Brit, and the post had pretty much nothing to do with science fiction (certainly not sf writing). Oh well...

Wrote a new erotica piece yesterday, and hoping to write another this morning. An editor called asking if I had anything along certain lines and I said "Sure" and sat down to write it. :-) Not sure if I got what they were looking for, but I got a story out of it, which is something, anyway, even if they don't buy it.

Dinner at David's last night and Scrabble, very pleasant. I think that game I beat him early on was a fluke, though -- I'm on something like a twenty game losing streak now. Sigh. We are playing the real way now, though, with no looking up words in the dictionary unless it's for an actual challenge. Something of a step up for me, I suppose.

Anyway, nothing profound to say this morning, so rather than simply babbling at you I'm going to go and try to either a) get through a huge backlog of e-mail or b) write another story. My standard technique -- if there's something I'm avoiding doing, I convince myself that I need to do something even more scary/difficult/tedious...and thus the first thing gets done. Repeat ad infinitum, and somehow almost everything gets done. We hope.

5:20 -- Joke:

A tourist from Albegestan goes on his first overseas trip. Upon arriving, he is visibly puzzled filling his visa application. The border official looks over his shoulder, and sees the tourist trying to write 'Twice a week' into the small space labeled 'SEX'.

The official explains: "No, no, no. That is not what we mean by this question. We are asking 'Male' or 'Female'".

"Doesn't matter", the tourist answers.

In other news, absolutely lovely sailing lesson today. We've been in these little one-person boats up until now, El Toros, which have been fun, but scary and hard to control. Today we piled into a couple of sloops, larger boats, called Capris, and had a fabulous time going fast and not feeling like we're going to tip over every three minutes and taking turns with the helm so that sometimes you can just relax and handle the jib and not have to concentrate very hard. Nice wind, fresh air -- a really pleasant way to end the week. And I did not too badly on my quiz from last week. Want to know what a gudgeon is? Or a pintel? Ask me anything! :-)

(That was a joke, btw. The things I still don't know about sailing would undoubtedly fill several books, even if I can name most of the parts of a little one-person boat...)

Oh, last note -- I did write another story this morning, so "Letters to Kate" is off to the first-readers list (and the editor in question from above), as is "Kali", the story from last night. (The anthology in question was looking for lesbian sex toy tales...:-) I love deadlines and urgent requests...

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