Hey, guys. Sorry the…

Hey, guys. Sorry the journal's been so spotty -- beginning of semester craziness and some emotional stresses (generally better now). Things are still generally good -- I'm really liking my classes, and Karina's visiting, and I'm getting to know Heather better (she writes too!) and I'm feeling very alive, if sometimes tired. :-) I've started learning to sew! I'm throwing a 20's-style party in a few weeks (The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 5th Annual) and Heather is helping me make a dress. It's a chocolate-brown tango dress -- I'm a little nervous about the collar, but the laying out and pinning and cutting went well yesterday (though my neck was killing me by the end -- I need a work table if I'm going to do more of this!). I'm going to wait a couple of days before I start sewing.

Gotta run, but here's this interesting tidbit of news:

KEY WEST, Fla., Jan. 26 (UPI) -- The Key West City Commission has approved a rule that will allow city employees to add domestic partners onto their insurance policies.

The ruling makes Key West the first municipality in Florida to extend insurance benefits to unmarried homosexual or heterosexual couples that live together in committed relationships.

In order to qualify, couples must register as domestic partners at the city clerk's office.

For a $50 fee, they will receive a certificate recognizing them as committed couples. City officials say the certificate could be helpful on mortgage applications and in other financial matters.

Only residents of Key West may apply for certification.

The city still has to work with its insurance carrier before the benefit package goes into effect, but the ordinance clears potential snags.

Florida's business community already had broken the domestic-partner barrier, as firms such as Disney Co. -- which owns Walt Disney World in Orlando -- have extended benefits previously granted only to married couples.

Oh, and if you like peppers, check this out...

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