So, tonight I go to see…

So, tonight I go to see Lisette's play with Roshani, Todd and Kevin. Should be fun -- it's been too long since I've seen her perform. (If you happen to be in Chicago, we'll be at the Raven Theatre tonight -- I'm afraid I don't remember the name of the play...not sure she ever told me what it was, actually).

In other, more exciting news, the Nebula ballot is out, and I have a new reading list. The Nebulas are the awards given by members of the Science Fiction Writers' Association, so they're the awards a writer gets from hir colleagues (as opposed to the Hugos, which are voted on by the fans). To become a member of SFWA, you need three professional sf publications (I have one so far (I would have two, but the magazine folded (after paying me))). Someday...(submitting to SF magazines would probably help).

I enclose the list of novels, in case any of you are interested. I'll star the ones I've read so far, though I plan to make my way through a good chunk of them -- this *is* the competition, after all.

  • A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin (Bantam, Aug96)
  • Acts of Conscience, William Barton (Warner, Jan97)
  • *An Exchange of Hostages, Susan Matthews (Avon, Apr97)
  • Ancient Shores, Jack McDevitt (Harper Prism, Apr96)
  • !Bellwether, Connie Willis (Bantam, Apr96)
  • Blameless in Abaddon, James Morrow (Harcourt Brace, Aug96)
  • Catch the Lightning, Catherine Asaro (Tor, Dec96)
  • Celestial Matters, Richard Garfinkle (Tor, Apr96)
  • City on Fire, Walter Jon Williams (Harper Collins, Jan97)
  • !Clouds End, Sean Stewart (Ace, Aug96)
  • Corrupting Dr. Nice, John Kessel (Tor, Feb97)
  • Crota, Owl Goingback (Donald I. Fine, Apr96)
  • Devil's Tower, Mark Sumner (Del Rey, Oct96)
  • Drakon, S.M. Stirling (Baen, Feb96)
  • !Exodus From the Long Sun, Gene Wolfe (Tor, Nov96)
  • Expendable, James Alan Gardner (AvoNova, Jul97)
  • Firestar, Michael F. Flynn (Tor, May96)
  • God's Fires, Patricia Anthony (Ace, Apr97)
  • Groogleman, Debra Doyle & James Macdonald (Jane Yolen Books, Sep96)
  • Higher Education, Charles Sheffield & Jerry Pournelle (Analog, Feb-May96)
  • How Like a God, Brenda Clough (Tor, Mar97)
  • Humpty Dumpty: An Oval, Damon Knight (Tor, Sep96)
  • Instrument of Fate, Christie Golden (Ace, Apr96)
  • King's Dragon, Kate Elliott (DAW, Feb97)
  • Kings of the High Frontier, Victor Koman (, Jun96)
  • Lunatics, Bradley Denton (St. Martin's Press, Jun96)
  • *Memory, Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen, Oct96)
  • Murder in the Solid State, Wil McCarthy (Tor, Aug96)
  • One for the Morning Glory, John Barnes (Tor, Apr96)
  • !Palace, Katharine Kerr & Mark A. Kreighbaum (Bantam, Jun96)
  • Shadowdance, Robin Wayne Bailey (White Wolf, Mar96)
  • Shards of Empire, Susan Shwartz (Tor, Apr96)
  • The Fortunate Fall, Raphael Carter (Tor, Jul96)
  • !The Moon and the Sun, Vonda McIntyre (Pocket Books, Sep97)
  • !The Ringworld Throne, Larry Niven (Del Rey, Jun96)
  • !The Sweetheart Season, Karen Joy Fowler (Henry Holt, Sep96)
  • *The Wood Wife, Terri Windling (Tor, Oct96)
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Charles Sheffield (Bantam, Jan97)
  • Widowmaker, Mike Resnick (Bantam, Aug96)
  • Wildside, Steven Gould (Tor, Apr96)
An ! means that I've read something else by that author (or more accurately, that I remember reading something else by that author. Some of the other names seem familiar, but my memory is so bad...without the other titles, I can't be certain). Everything I've given a * or ! I've liked, so I think this is probably a pretty solid basis for a reading list of what's hot in American S.F. these days.

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