Well, no explosions so…

Well, no explosions so far. We chatted a bit when I got in last night, duly admired the tree (real this year, for the first time, and looking lovely), watched the end of _Little Women_, which was playing on tv. Mellow. Then today was mostly shopping, but for last-minute gifts and something nice to wear on Christmas. I *hate* trying on clothes. I don't mind shopping if I'm just looking for pretty things, with no time pressure, but the kind of power-shopping that my mom and middle sister do is just beyond me. I'm tired after an hour. Had fun picking out stocking gifts, though.

I'm oddly dislocated in time. It's 5:45 here, but feels much later; I can't tell why. I dozed in the car coming back from the mall. I also appear to have regressed at least seven years -- I'm basing this estimate on how my parents treat me. Hopefully time will spring back to normal when I return to California.

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