Hey, guys. Just a quick…

Hey, guys. Just a quick note to let you know that my publisher has gone nuts -- oh, in a good way. He's holding a big sale, so until this Sunday, my book's selling at a 3 for 1 price. If you were considering buying one as a Christmas present, you might want to stop by his site.

In other news, today I spend some time taking snapshots of San Francisco to go with a short article I wrote for Puritan (SF - Delightful, Debauched Days :-). I'm no photographer, but I warned him so it's okay. Then dinner with Jed, which should be pleasant.

Otherwise today and tomorrow are fairly devoted to writing more on the book. I'm setting a personal goal of at least 10,000 solid words (15K would be better) by Monday (when I have to hand in what I have for class). I definitely want 15K by the following Monday, when I send it off to Richard Kasak to see if he wants to publish it. Meep. I'm trying to convince myself not to get discouraged if Richard doesn't want it, especially if he doesn't want it 'cause it's too literary -- it's just barely possible that a mainstream publisher will want it, and maybe even pay me lots more money for it. We'll see.

Then this weekend I put together the survey on on-line workshops and write that paper which is due Tuesday. And I go Christmas shopping with Thida on Saturday. And host the monthly poly group on Sunday. I did finish my reading logs for Theories and Strategies of Teaching Writing -- I'm considering adding them to these pages. A bit of work -- we'll see.

All of this insanity should be done by Tuesday, and then it's just writing 'til Monday the 15th, and then Kevin is back in town again, and then I leave on the 18th for New York.

Rather than go on endlessly about the minutiae of my life, I'll share with you a delicious quote from Pat Califia:

"I do not believe that sex has an inherent power to transform the world. I do not believe that pleasure is always an anarchic force for good. I do not believe that we can fuck our way to freedom. But this is not what the discourse of sexual repression tells us. In that discourse, unleashed sex has enormous disruptive potential. Minority forms of sex have to be repressed or the social contract will hang in tatters. People will look to their friends and lovers for warmth instead of to their biological families. Women and children will have no protection from male violence. Work for the sake of work will cease to be valued. The nine-to-five, five-days-a-week wage labor that is the foundation of commerce will be disrupted by bored and frustrated workers who use any excuse to come in late, get high as often as possible to alleviate their tedium, rip off their employers, and spend their evenings trying to pick somebody up in a bar or going to political meetings organized by antisocial elements. Nobody will go to church. Children will be thoughtlessly conceived and carelessly reared, and venereal diseases will flourish.

"This is, of course, in wild opposition to our present system."

[Pat Califia, from the introduction to Macho Sluts

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