Morning, everyone. A…

Morning, everyone. A bit sleepy; back to getting up at five, radio show at six. Hope my phone works properly. Would chat more, but really do have a huge pile of work to wade through soon...forgive me.

7:10. Me again. Well, the radio show was weird. I don't listen to morning rock radio, so I didn't realize how odd it was. Firstly, they forgot to call me. So I didn't actually get on the air until close to 6:30 -- I really hope those of you in Cincinatti hung in there. Secondly, they played rather raucous music over my reading, and chatted a lot. Strange. Also were slightly pushy, but maybe that's a morning dj's job. What do I know? I never listen to the radio...still, they said people were calling in about it (I read "Confession" and part of "Morningsong"), so I guess it was worth doing.

I've almost given up on that Carol Queen interview; she's being really hard to get ahold of. Wonder if I've said/done something to get on her bad side. Maybe she didn't like the column I wrote about her? I thought it was fairly complimentary... Anyway, I've pitched a couple other ideas to Puritan. Jeff's only mildly interested in one of them; an interview with local call girls (a friend of mine just got a job as a phone operator at an escort service). He was pretty into the other idea, though; an erotic weekend in Chicago -- an article that sort of sketches out, with time stamps, what a bored businessman might do with the tail end of his trip to the Windy City. So to speak. I'll probably do one on S.F. as well.

Well, I'm going to go exercise now. Meep. My thigh muscles were *so* sore yesterday that I had trouble walking. Hopefully today will be better. It gets better, right? A couple of people have asked what exactly I'm doing; just what I can do in my own room: stretches, upper and lower crunches, this weird V-exercise that's supposed to tone your thighs (so Roshani tells me anyway; she used to teach aerobics), arm-curls with 5-pound weights (yes, I'm a wimp, I admit it), toe-touches and jumping jacks. Oh, and a couple of girl push-ups. Just barely. So far, not too painful, although the first day I did 100 jumping jacks in a row and made myself exceedingly dizzy. I'm also slightly sick now, but if I let that stop me, I'm afraid I won't start again. Dale noted that he's found that he needs to give himself permission to miss a day now and then; otherwise it's too easy to let one day missed convince you you've failed and you should just give up. Enough procrastinating -- off I go. Pain is a good thing, right?

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