Well, I moved the…

Well, I moved the journal entries to a separate directory today. That means that tons of internal reference links in the journals are now broken. I will be going through and trying to fix them all, but I may ask for your help in a bit. We'll see. Why am I doing this? 'cause I'm compulsive, and my main directory was getting too messy, and the problem would have only gotten worse over time.

I met David two years ago today. Hard to believe, for various reasons.

The weekend was insanely busy, mostly fun with parties, but generally tiring and short of sleep-making. I need to rest, and tonight's the Good Vibes reading -- oh, did I tell you guys about that? Here:

Good Vibrations, Berkeley
2504 San Pablo Avenue (@ Dwight)
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 841-8987

Monday, November 3, 8-10 p.m.
Free, everyone welcome

Off to fix links. I'd talk to y'all longer, but my brain is fried today. Too sleepy. Fixing links is nice and mindless. Hope you had a good Halloween.

11:20. Fixed 1997 links, I think. If any of you feel like checking through the journal entries for 1997 and letting me know if I've missed any, that'd be appreciated.

I'm so weary. I should be reading the three articles I need to read before 2:00, and doing my journal entries on them, but I have truly no desire to do so. My desire is to sleep. I should be nervous about tonight (will anyone come? Will they be bored? Will I make a fool of myself, etc. and so on?) but I'm just too tired. Perhaps that's a good thing. I did manage to make a reservation for my tickets to Connecticut for Christmas, and start pricing Chicago in January. That's something, at any rate.

11:50. Did lots of straightening up in my account, rearranging things. Probably broke lots of links in the process, but when I finish, if I finish, it'll be much easier for me to find stuff. I hope. I moved all sorts of things to a Defunct directory -- hopefully not anything important. I'm filled with the wrong kind of energy today.

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