Well, the movie…

Well, the movie recommendations have started to come in. Jim recommended "It Happened One Night" and David's loaned me "Brazil". I forgot to mention that I *have* seen most of the Woody Allen films (which you may or may not consider classics. :-)

Had a weird night. Got kinda mopey last night and went to bed early. Had all sorts of strange, anxious dreams, and woke up at 4:30 a.m., unable to go back to sleep, but quite rested nonetheless. It's nice having Roshani in Chicago sometimes (though I'd generally prefer to have her here) -- I was able to call her at 5:00 my time and not wake her. Chatted for a couple of hours, ate some breakfast, did some work, lit an oil lamp and now I feel much better, but oh, that was a strange mood I was in.

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