Hey, munchkins. Well,…

Hey, munchkins. Well, today was an exciting day. Richard Kasak, publisher of Masquerade, indicated interest in seeing a manuscript from me! He's also interested in possibly having me edit an anthology (guidelines for it may be up here soon).

The pleasure of that has pretty much fogged out the rest of the day. :-)

Oh, and if you happen to be in S.F. tomorrow night, stop by Romantasy's Open House in the evening. Yours truly will be in an itty bitty fashion show there for their Grand Re-Opening.

Isn't really much else to report, since I've had a headache and not done much all day. Watched The Associate, which was pretty implausible IMHO, but had Whoopi Goldberg, who I adore. Also took place in the NY Stock Exchange, where my dear friend Alex is working these days, so it was fun imagining him in that atmosphere.

Oh, and my teaching demo went fine. I was nervous as hell, and raced through the first ten minutes, but then calmed down, slowed down, and had a good time. Think the class did too -- their evaluations were generally positive, though they did point out some areas that could use some work. A learning experience...

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