Sorry about yesterday. …

Sorry about yesterday. I had exhausted myself helping with Kira's wedding (I think the loveliest I've ever been to, and I've been to many) and hosting out-of-town guests (which was, I must emphasize, a pure delight; wonderful seeing Steve, Becky, Michelle, and esp. Curtis again) and forgot to take my meds until late last night, so I was just utterly wiped by the end of the day. Still a little tired, but feeling much better today.

Karina's birthday is tomorrow, and I have once again not managed to find her anything spiffy in time. Ah well -- e-mail on her birthday and present following some time after, I suspect. I haven't even mailed Kevin's birthday present yet, and his birthday was weeks ago...

I have piles of work to do. At least it feels that way. I'm beginning to get a sneaking suspicion that if I just *do* some of the damned work it'll turn out to be not as hard or as much as I fear....but it's so much easier to clean my house instead. :-) But seriously. Goals for today:

  • Apologize to Stephen for missing appointment with his class and reschedule
  • Talk to school about missing grade from last spring
  • Write reader-response to Tanner article in AWP Chronicle
  • Read and crit two stories for tomorrow's class
  • Pack Kevin's present
  • Clean up house :-)
And for tomorrow morning:

  • Do dishes
  • Final revision of "Deep with Sea"
Okay, off to deal with the first two items on that list. Talk to y'all later...

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