I’m an idiot. No,…

I'm an idiot. No, really. I got to within a block of campus today before realizing that I'd completely forgotten my binder (and my glasses) at home. What a goof! So I can't do the crits I wanted to do today ('cause they're sitting in the binder). I should still be able to do the icky journal entries...sad. Would have much rather had it be the other way around, but I stuck the books I needed for the journal entries in my backpack, so I have those. Sigh.

In other news, I've started writing the proposal for that Star Trek novel. I did tell you guys that I've decided I want to write a Star Trek novel, right? There's an idea that's been nibbling at the back of my head for a while, and I've decided to just pour it out on paper. So what if I never sell it -- it'll be fun to write, and right now I need something low-stress and fun.

Anyone know if there's a list somewhere of SF authors with web pages? I'd like to create one here, but no sense duplicating effort if it already exists. Of course, mine will be annotated (because a) I can't resist annotating and b) I think it makes for a more readable, interesting list of links).

Anyway, back to work. Hope the week is going well for you all...

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