The work is hard, I’m…

The work is hard, I'm tired and already behind. Rather than whine more, I'll simpy point you to the new column I wrote, and the one previous, which I just added here. They're in the Columns and Interview section.

It's hopefully more interesting than my babbling. If nothing else, they'll point you to some good books.

Book Notes: Finished Maso (good, complex, overly sentimental for my tastes), rereading the Tamora Pierce Alanna books (excellent children's series) for relaxation. Reading tons of articles on pedagogy (which is only half as dull as it sounds). Fascinating article by Farber - "The Student As Nigger". Recommended highly. Fiction class going well. Working on a series of short stories focusing on immigrant/first generation themes. My parents will hate these. Probably more than they hate the erotica. This makes me highly uncomfortable...but I suppose Amy Tan's mother probably had some issues with The Joy Luck Club too. Sigh. Catholic guilt never truly leaves you, no matter how long ago you left the Church. (And you continue to capitalize the Church for the rest of your born days).

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