Almost bedtime, guys,…

Almost bedtime, guys, and I'm wiped. I think this will become the Wednesday night refrain. It's been a good day -- invigorating classes, a pleasant critique of "Interruptions". Lemme know if you want a read of this version, though I'll probably be revising it drastically. (Pleaseant doesn't mean they loved it unconditionally. Pleasant in this case means that while they had plenty to critique, on the whole, the class approved and thought I had a lot of good material to work with).

Too tired to write more, so I'll simply show you a poem I found (with a little help from Jed):

This was posted to talk.bizarre and rec.arts.poems, subject: love triangles.

Equilateral:  this may be best --
points even-spaced and polyamorous --
but I know that is not the way for us.

In right triangles, one vertex is blessed
with direct lines, while the others are oblique;
that fits, I think -- you disagree?  Well, now...

Acute isosceles.  I'm looking down
A long and narrow angle, just to seek
a glimpse of you, while you -- no?  That's wrong?

Then what do _you_ suggest?
                             Scalene, obtuse.
Irregular, untheoremed, wide and loose --
like the three of us, hopelessly unstrung.
'Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare',
but love holds nothing equal, nothing fair.

-ed gaillard

--good night. Sleep well.

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