Crazy day, my darlings. …

Crazy day, my darlings. Got "Deep with Sea" critiqued -- consensus: promising, but flawed. Which I knew, thank the deity. Still ill-making getting critiqued, but I supposed I must get used to it.

Ditto ill-making on readings, one of which is soon. Must go revise Amanda in hopes of reading it there.

Am behind on deadline for Puritan with erotic mystery. Dammit. Wrote 2500 words this morning, and I think I can finish it by Friday, but that's a week later than when I thought I could get it done by (though still on time for the original deadline). Must do unpleasant phone call to Jeff and say "when do you absolutely have to have this buy" and hope the answer is next Monday and not last Friday.

Too frantic to write much else -- will have more time tomorrow. Later, gator...

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