Okay, so I had a good…

Okay, so I had a good excuse for being quiet for a while -- I was so busy with BookExpo this weekend, that I didn't even check my e-mail for FOUR DAYS! (You really don't want to know how much mail piled up in that time. Suffice it to say that a first pass through it took about 4 hours).

BookExpo was wonderful, if exhausting. Imagine a huge, really huge building, absolutely filled with displays from various publishers and sideline manufacturers, crowded with mobs of roaming booksellers, who were being hunted by the aforementioned publishers and their rabid authors (that's me), all surrounded by books, books, books (many of which were being given away (I picked up _The Ethical Slut_, the latest _Dykes to Watch Out For_, a new _Leonard and Larry_, Circlet Press's _Sex Magick 1_, _Sex Magick II_, and _The Drag Queen of Elfland_, _The Perv's Guide to the Internet_, etc. and so on) or traded -- it was positively euphoric. And did I mention exhausting? It ended Monday -- now it's Wednesday, and my feet still hurt, despite my being careful to wear comfortable shoes.

I'd do it again tomorrow.

It's too soon to tell what's come of it, but there were exciting nibbles from foreign distributors, and I had some very interesting conversations with other authors and publishers in the field. The Firecracker Book Awards were also a blast on Saturday night -- I danced until I was dripping with sweat. (Pleasant image, huh? :-)

I'm taking it easy right now -- did some laundry this morning and trying to get through a backlog of e-mail. I think tomorrow I'll do some work revising some short stories -- not feeling quite up to tackling the novel again. Kev looked at it last week, and said all sorts of useful critical things (I should have given it to him a long time ago, but you know how it is -- if a person's opinion really matters to you, it's especially hard to let them look at your work. It is for me, at any rate.) that are going to take a lot of time to work through. Sigh.

Anyway, back to work. Hope you guys had a good week! And if you're in Chicago, don't forget my signing next Wednesday at the downtown B.Dalton's -- you can even bring a copy of my book that you already own, and get it personalized. Heck, you can just show up and say hi (every person that shows up for the signing may translate to more orders from B. Dalton).

5:35 --Good Mary Anne. Updated the erotica/porn market list on my web page. Big pain, but worth it. Darn thing is huge now...

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