Heh. I thought I’d be…

Heh. I thought I'd be better about this diary while on semi-vacation here in Chicago -- I appear to be worse. Sorry 'bout that.

Mostly, I've been taking it pretty easy -- working on the novel, but not quite making my ten pages a day goal, and definitely haven't even attempted to catch up on all the e-mail I have backed up. I suppose that's okay, though -- I don't *think* any of it's too urgent, and I was getting really frazzled towards the end of the semester -- needed a break. So I've been spending a lot of time just hanging out with Roshani, Kevin, etc...dinner and chatting and all that jazz. Roshani has been motivating me to exercise a lot more than I usually do, which I suppose is good, except my thigh muscles have been screaming at me for the last two days. I think I overstrained them Saturday. They should be okay by tomorrow, though.

Not much else to report. Done with writing for the day -- going to go rent a movie and make some dinner with friends. Basically having a nice, mellow time. :-) Hope everything's okay with you guys.

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