Hey, guys. So I did, in…

Hey, guys. So I did, in fact, finish my paper on time. There wasn't really much doubt. :-) I do wish I'd done it a week ago, so I'd have more time to revise and polish it...this is the problem with being the sort of person who procrastinates right up until she runs smack into a deadline. Ah well. I'm getting better about that sort of thing, slowly. Maybe I'll even start that mystery for Puritan today instead of waiting a month. Although actually, now that classes are over, I have a whole pile of paperwork and revisions waiting for me.

Feeling just slightly ill and very lethargic. I think I've been pushing myself a bit hard. Today'll be a 'take it easy' day, I think. Maybe I'll finally plant that last poor tomato plant. My outdoor basil is getting eaten by some bugs, but the peppers and other tomatoes appear to be doing fine. I also have to plant some bougainvillea I bought -- it's been sitting in pots since the party. Did I mention that's probably my favorite flower? Ever since visiting Sri Lanka and seeing the way it just covered the houses, in huge swatches of red and pink and white...hard to resist. I'm going to try planting it behind this gazebo thing in the back yard -- don't know if they'll get enough sun there, but it's worth a shot.

The poppies are doing well. I don't know if y'all have seen California poppies -- they are these utterly gorgeous yellow-orange flowers -- really vibrant. They're also illegal to pick, since they're endangered, also I sort of assume that if you planted them yourself you can probably pick some. I've forgotten the names of the other flowers I planted -- petunias, I think, and then these odd little bristly cone-shaped flowers in bright red and yellow.

Eh, I'm babbling. Sorry -- still kind of sleepy. I should probably go exercise, though Ian woke me up yesterday at 6 to do sit-ups and 8-counts and jumping jacks with him and my stomach is still sore. He's over at his girlfriend's this morning, but that doesn't mean I should skip exercising. Maybe I'll just wait a little while longer...:-)

I've been reading a lot of children's books. I've finished the Tamora Pierce Alanna series, which I REALLY liked -- I wish they'd been around when I was a kid, although it's kinda neat discovering a new fantasy writer who I haven't read before. Also been catching up on all my E. Nesbit -- the generally utterly inadequate Mills library has, oddly enough, a really good children's section. Go figure.

Tomorrow Joe comes into town from Australia (for a month-long job training), and it'll be fun seeing him before I run off to Chicago, and actually, Kirsten is in town for a job conference early next week. Saturday night is a reading at Diana's, and Sunday is a potluck party at my friend Cris's. Oh, and Sunday night Brian and Yvonne are coming over for dinner. Maybe I'll make the curries tomorrow -- day-old curry is actually better, and I'll have more time to cook Saturday. In any case, it should be a busy weekend.

Okay, I'm avoiding my work -- you guys are really good for that -- but there's only so long that I can make this diary entry be. Will talk to you later, and if I don't write again, have a great weekend!

11:00 - hey, some good news! My publisher has managed to schedule a book signing for me at a B. Dalton in Chicago while I'm there. If any of you want to come buy a copy of my book, or have me sign a copy you already own, here are the details -- I'll announce it again closer to the date, but this will give Chicago people a chance to write it into their calendars...:

Wednesday June 11, 1997 12:00pm -2:00pm
B.Dalton Bookseller
129 N. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60602-1907
312 236 7615

Oh, and I'll also be at BookExpo in Chicago May 31 - June 2. I *think* that's more of a publisher's sort of event, but feel free to come by and say hi, at least. More details on that as well as it approaches.

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