Well, a very productive…

Well, a very productive morning. Just wrote two little stories, "A Jewel of a Woman" and "The Survey". Think I'm selling them to Sizzle, and since they don't care about whether I have stories on my own pages or not, if I still like 'em in a week, I'll probably add them to my stories page. Shows what you can do if you go to bed at 9:30 and get up at 6:00. :-)

In other news, the concert is in half an hour, and true to form, I'm starting to get nervous. You would think that after all these years of performing, I'd be over this, but apparently, I'm the sort of person who never gets over being nervous, even when I know the material stone cold and it's only a piddly little student concert. I had a nightmare last night that I got up on stage and forgot my fingerings -- that I tried playing recorder with flute fingerings, and if you know anything about the instruments, you'll realize what a horrible sound that would make. Ah well. At least I don't get as terrified playing as I do when I'm reading my work aloud to an audience (I'm generally ok in class these days). Please keep that in mind if any of you ever here me read -- be nice, okay? I'm probably shaking up there...

This afternoon is dedicated to more gardening and grocery shopping for the party. Want to have the place looking spiffy. I'm trying to think what makes good veggie sandwiches -- I've decided on potato curry and egg salad, but can't think of anything else. Maybe I'll just make tuna salad and stick it on the 'meat' table. Don't suppose anyone out there has a power mower they want to drop by before Sunday? Imagine, poor pitiful me hacking at the grass with a weed clipper and then running a battered hand mower over it (it's our own fault for not mowing it for so long, I suppose, but I kind of liked the jungle look -- not good for guests, though).

I saw the oddest little creature in the garden yesterday. Sort of like a rat, but bigger, with a white face and a sort of grey-white body. Don't know what that would be -- any ideas?

Ah well...enough procrastinating. Time to head back to the chapel and warm up. Wish me luck.

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