Okay, feeling much…

Okay, feeling much better. Sorry about that Friday entry. I'm really overloaded with work right now -- but just another week and a half and I'll be done. My current stress is trying to finish a draft paper that was due a while ago (flexible due date)...I'm enjoying writing it, but it does take time. I should undoubtedly be working on that now, or at least doing the Arliss revisions that are due Tuesday...well, later. I'm procrastinating by writing to you and cleaning the house (needed it!) and I have some gardening to do later (but I think it'll have to be a reward -- I don't get to do it until I get some work done. I tend to work that way -- setting myself tasks, with other, more pleasant tasks as rewards. :-) Sort of going back and forth through the day.

Had a lot of fun as well as stress the last couple of days -- went down to see Kev at his parents' Friday, and we did work together and then socialized. Saw a pretty silly play, Middle-Aged White Guys -- not profound, but made us laugh a lot. Yesterday, more work, more hanging out, then last night went to Greyhaven for a Bardic Circle. Some really excellent poets, all sitting around and reading/reciting/singing their work. Liked it a lot. Stayed 'til 2, which is part of the reason I'm a bit slow today (got up at 7, but moving slooowly :-).

Finished Zimmer's The Lost Prince -- not bad at all. He knows war really well, which is good, although at times a bit much for my tastes. His characters were interesting, and I'm really curious about what's going to happen to one couple...major cliffhanger ending. Have to get the rest of the trilogy.

Hmmm...not much else to report, really. Work work work. I promise, I'll be more interesting soon.

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