Hiya. Sorry haven’t…

Hiya. Sorry haven't been around much, but it's end of the semester, and crunch-time. The next few weeks will be very sparse in diary entries, I fear.

The big news in my life is that Kevin may be out tonight. Tentative hooray! It all depends on frequent flyer miles and availability, etc...cross your fingers.

Hmmm..not much else to report. Wrote a new short story today (very short) -- we'll see how the class likes it. Wrote a bunch more on Dreams last night. Should be hitting a solid 200 pages by the end of the semester, I hope. Rate of progress seems to be accelerating as I get the story more set in my mind, thank goddess. Interestingly, I find that I am writing this story both non-sequentially and in layers. Kind of hard to explain what I mean by that -- maybe I'll take a long diary entry some day and try nto explain the whole thing in detail. People are always asking me what my 'process' is, so I assume this actually is a subject that readers would be interested in...

Back to work. Crack that whip!

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