Hey, guys. I’m…

Hey, guys. I'm exhausted and about to fall into bed, so just quick notes. Finished one Sizzle story -- planning to get up at 6 and write the other, 'cause they're late late late. Almost finished with the novella, hooray. 'nother 1K words. Didn't do any work on Dreams, dammit, over break, but I can sorta justify it by finishing the novella in a week. Hoping to write some tomorrow morning - if I can get in an hour on it then, and another hour or two between classes, I may have something decent to turn in by 2:30 class.

Owen's birthday party last night - lot of fun, but stayed up way too late, which is part of why I'm exhausted. I also let my Synthroid prescription run out last week, which is the other part. Avoiding thinking about the blood test I need to get to get a new prescription. (Nothing serious, just annual check of thyroid levels. Just don't like needles.) Exhausted and tired and depressed, almost all of which is almost certainly due to low thyroid levels. Must fix.

Lots of good resolutions lately -- we'll see if they follow through. Eat less and exercise; work more; get my medicine. Too tired to write more. Hope you're all doing well.

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