So, I had all these…

So, I had all these plans for giving you guys a nice, long, juicy entry last night -- but I'm just too busy. Lame, I know, but here's a quick recap of events since last entry:

  • Friday night - Good Vibrations 20th Anniversary party, with a great floor show featuring Annie Sprinkle
  • Saturday morning - brunch with an old friend from out of town and her dad
  • Saturday afternoon - phone call accepting me into Clarion West. And there was much rejoicing (and wondering how I expected to *pay* for this).
  • Saturday evening - book party at Greyhaven, home of fantasy notables Diana Paxson and Paul Edwin Zimmer (I haven't had a chance to read Paul's work yet, but Diana's novels are old favorites of mine -- she does a lot of work with Norse mythology)
  • Sunday morning - we were *supposed* to meet Kira (old friend ref: previously) at her wedding site (she's getting married in September) down near Redwoood City, but got thoroughly lost. The redwoods were magnificent, though -- I hadn't seen them before. We'd drive by them, and I'd look up and say, 'yup, those are pretty tall', and then realize that the ground to the right that they were growing out of dropped away sharply, and so I'd look down and down and down and say 'wow...'
  • Sunday afternoon - drive to Santa Cruz to meet friends of Sherman's -- again, had trouble finding them, but had a lovely time walking the beach amid rocks and mussels and across what would have been a gorgeous blasted heath if it hadn't been spring and awfully green :-)
  • Sunday evening - hot tubbing at Kiva. Very mellow.
  • Monday morning - supposedly was being interviewed by Ann Online, but she messed up. We're rescheduling. Churned through a lot of e-mail. Cleaned room.
  • Monday evening - Irish dancing at the Starry Plough -- I'm going to try to go regularly because I am woefully out of shape.
  • Tuesday - confirmed contracts with Puritan for novella and article. Together those will pay for Clarion -- now I just have to write them. Am going to try and get them the novella by end of the week. That's 9000 words. Wrote 3000 yesterday. Tentatively titled "Interplanetary Janet Meets the Triple-Breasted Whores of Eroticon VI" -- think anyone's likely to sue me? Space farce.
  • Tuesday night - Paul (ref above) graciously invited me to the local SFWA (Science Fiction Writers' Association) meeting, even though I'm not yet quailfied to be a member. We talked 'til 11 and I had some good pear cider.
  • Wednesday morning. Tired.
So that's it so far. I also have two short story contracts to fill for Sizzle (a week late) and I had planned to do a lot of work on the novel this week, though who knows, what with all the money stuff needing to be done quickly. Did some revisions on Deep in the Valley - not sure if I'm quite happy with it yet. Suspect I'll let it sit and hope that I can cajole a few more people to comment on it. Revisions waiting on Season of Marriage and Just Reading News for various anthologies - not as urgent, but a good thing to work on between big things. Also hoping to do some schlepping around to bookstores this week (probably tomorrow) to badger them into carrying my book. I think the rest of the week is pretty quiet -- mostly work work work, but who knows.

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