Hey, y’all. May I vent…

Hey, y'all. May I vent a little? Arghhhh! Really minor, really annoying thing happened -- had a bright idea for the novel, sat down to write it, wrote for about an hour on my laptop, was almost finished, damn computer froze up, had to reboot and lost it all. I'm used to working in Word which has a tendency to save a copy even if you don't tell it to, or on-line, ditto, but the laptop only has a copy of ClarisWorks currently, which doesn't do that, or if it does, I can't figure out where it stores the rescued item. So I guess I just write the section over again -- but it was going really well, flowing, y'know? Ick. No energy to attack it now, which is why I'm trying to catch up a bit on all the net stuff.

Been spending lots of time just hanging and talking to old friends (a couple of which are going through really hard times now and needing a shoulder), and also, of course, enjoying Kev's company. Been pretty good as well about practicing and working and reading the Ellison -- not sure what I think of it. I mean, it's well-written, and parts (especially the dialogue) are really gripping...but I find it hard following such an unsympathetic character -- actually, the book is full of unsympathetic characters. Bit distasteful to read...it'll be interesting to see what the class/prof says about it when I get back.

While I'm sorry about missing some of my classes, this break has been really good for me. It's just so nice seeing these people again, and being back on the Chicago campus and seeing the changes (if any alumni are reading this, you wouldn't believe what they've done to the Reynolds Club -- I mean, it's really nice, but jarring. I keep trying to walk through doors that don't exist anymore). It's been a satisfying trip so far: good food, good friends, good fun (and a fabulous Talisman game). Not many organized activities, though Elissa is having tea on Sunday (Liss's teas are legendary: little sandwiches, chocolate dipped fruit, tarts, and Eugenie's scones...), which should be great fun. Too bad I didn't bring a flowered dress...

Ah well -- back to work. Hope you're all doing well and surviving the winter okay -- I've borrowed Kev's warm jacket, but I must admit that I'll be glad to get back to warm weather.

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