*yawn* Hey, everyone. …

*yawn* Hey, everyone. Bit of a late start today -- stayed out late last night seeing Star Wars (amazing, wonderful, magnificent, etc!) and overslept this morning. Not so important since I don't have classes on Mondays, but it's 10:00, and I haven't even dealt with mail yet. Oh well.

It was a good weekend, full of friends and fun (birthday party for Cliff and Sherman Saturday night, poly meeting Sunday morning, then Star Trek), but rather exhausting. I'm pooped. Feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. :-) But life is good, and interesting things are happening. Dale (publisher) just sent out a ton of releases about the book, so we'll see if that turns up anything. I found a cheap airfare to Chicago, so it looks like I definitely *can* go, hooray. I have a lot of work to do, but feeling fairly high energy, so we're hopeful.

On the negative side, my keyboard at home died. Argh.

I'm so tired of having computer problems. Cliff is supposed to fix my disk drive, but until he has time, I can't even install PPP on my main machine -- argh, I'm whining. Sorry. Never mind. I'm going to download PPP onto disks today from campus and take it home and put it on my laptop and see whether I can hook that up to the modem. If not, I'll only be able to log in from campus, which would be a severe limitation on my ability to accomplish anything.

I'd better get to work -- talk to you guys later...

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