Darn, I meant to type in…

Darn, I meant to type in another of those love letters today, but I forgot to do it this morning and now I'm on campus. Oh well -- maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

So out of my objectives for yesterday, I a) sorta wrote/sorta found a piece for fiction class, and b) researched the poetry. Wasn't actually much on the net -- will have to hit an actual library. :-) Didn't do the Sizzle thing, so that rolls over to today, and must also read Agnes Grey for fiction class (was supposed to have it read for yesterday but hadn't realized, oops.) Other things waiting -- domme interviews to rework, write some journal entries on Hemingway, finish mail (getting there), read the next book for my fiction class, and write a poem by 4:00 for poetry class. Think I'll attempt something in the ghazal style that I could possibly use for the novel. Would help if I had a definition of what a ghazal was -- all I have are some examples, and they are entirely unclear, but they appear to have been the predominant style in Mughal India (and to this current day).

Not much chatty to report...plans proceeding apace for combined Cliff/Sherman birthday party this coming Saturday, as well as preliminary plans for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Cabaret and Speakeasy.... (I dislike Valentine's Day intensely, so every year I throw a party designed to give me and my friends something else to do. :-) Since I come from Chicago, having it be the St. Valentine's Day Massacre party was an easy step. I encourage all of you to copy the idea -- maybe someday *this* will be the predominant way of celebrating the holiday, rather than with Hallmark cards.

3:25 -- Well, did some research on airfares -- I can recommend Expedia (find them through Yahoo). Miss Kevin tons so am going to try to scrape up the money to go visit at the end of February. Would go sooner, but too busy with other commitments. Read about half of Agnes Grey, but that's really all I accomplished. Sleepy...hope I make it through this class. Hmmm...not much else to report. Going to take in "Emotion Triumphs Over Form" for teacher to look at -- was very definitely in a non-writing mood. Down to 9 mail messages!

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