Okay, I’m much calmer…

Okay, I'm much calmer today. Mostly because my publisher, Dale Larson, is such a sweetie that he's wiring me a loan for the money I need. How many publishers would do that, huh? A big hand for Dale, everyone!

Otherwise, all is going pretty well. I finished two of the stories I had on contract for today (the ones for Jonathan which were appallingly overdue), and I should have the Sizzle one done by tomorrow morning. Was supposed to be done today, but I brought the wrong disk in -- oh well.

This morning was really funny - in retrospect. While doing dishes I managed to break one of Ellison's glasses, then later on I was so brilliant that I used a plastic colander to steam some potatoes (of course, the plastic melted all over the potatoes, the pan, the burner (and, of course, it was Ellison's colander)), and not long after that, I managed to burn a chunk of my hair. Yuck. Ever smelled burnt hair? Doesn't burn very fast, luckily, but it stinks horribly. Also managed to knock over a container of parmesan (very stale) while cleaning out the fridge. Decided that I really wasn't meant to be in the kitchen this morning. :-)

Anyway, best get going. Karina is waiting to drag me to the gym (yes, she actually exercises. And she's going to make me do it too. Help....) and then gotta go home and make dinner (probably leftovers, actually) and then get ready for a birthday party at Jodi's. Have a good weekend, everyone -- I'll try to check in. The plan for this weekend and the upcoming week I'm going to be trying to talk local stores in to carrying my book -- Valentine's day is coming up, after all.

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