Hey, everyone. I’m…

Hey, everyone. I'm *finally* better, and am going to stop running around long enough to write you a decent entry. I had a wonderful Christmas, and a pretty decent New Year's (went snowboarding for the first time, ooh my aching back (would you believe I couldn't sit up in bed the next day without help!!!)) and now it's back to the old grind (though I wouldn't mind a day to recover from my vacation).

It's not quite back to normal yet, as Kev's still here (he leaves Wednesday), and that means I'm down in San Jose rather than up in Oakland. I kind of miss my house. But otherwise all's well, and I'm full of energy, which is good, as I have rather a lot of work to do. Got to finish the interviews for the Puritan article, and owe three other contracted stories, and one possibility, and I should really do them all by the end of the week. We'll see how it goes.

Saw The People verses Larry Flynt yesterday, btw -- quite good. If you're at all interested in censorship or sex, you should go see it. I especially liked the lawyer character.

That's it for now -- hope you all had a happy holiday and aren't too depressed at being back at work.

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