Hey, guys. Had a good…

Hey, guys. Had a good day yesterday hanging with Bryan and Liss (we were going to play Cosmic Encounter, but our brains were too fried, so played Family Business instead and talked a lot.) Had dinner at Pedro's in Los Gatos -- good Mexican. (I had taken them to Axum for lunch, but it truns out that Liss doesn't like Ethiopian food -- at least not there. Odd, since I made some for her at one point and she really liked it (with the fake injera recipe). Oh well.)

Today the plan is to go shopping with Lydia -- she's going to drive me around so I can try to find a sari to wear to the New Year's ball at Greyhaven. I have a formal dress I can wear instead, but a sari would just be amusing -- Sherman's escorting me, and he'll be in formal black, so I think a white sari would look pretty cool. She's bringing the kids -- I hope they like their presents (mostly books). Kevin's got a fever, so he's staying in bed -- the poor thing always seems to get sick when he comes home. Hopefully he'll be well enough to go skiing.

Speaking of which, we go up tomorrow and I won't be back 'til the 30th. No net access in Tahoe, so you won't hear from me 'til I get back. Have a good weekend, everyone, and I'll try to talk to you again before the New Year. Now I go wait for Lydia and try to amuse myself without waking Kevin (I've been up since 6:30 and I'm just a little bored....)

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