Paper due by noon…

Paper due by noon Thursday. 1:45 - 3-4 vague pages. Updates as the situation develops. :-)

6:31 - 9-10 moderately solid pages. Very tempted to stop for the night, as its a 15-20 page paper, and I'm pretty sure I can knock out another 5 pages tomorrow before noon. Will be good and try to work a little longer, though. My brain tends to shut down around 7, though.

My friend Steve is taking me to a Thoth concert tomorrow night. Celtic harem music, whatever that is. Weird.

Also in the news, got a phone call from HBO's "Sex Bytes". Wants to possibly do something on my writing (cool), but more interested in discussing polyamory. I dunno. Don't think I particularly want to discuss my personal love life on national tv. Philosophy, politics, literature, okay....but that's it, I think. Some of the same reasons I didn't do the Newsweek article on bisexuality a couple of years ago.

Okay, and I know *this* is an international forum in some ways, but I feel like I'm talking to friends. And I do have complete control over what I say, and don't have an interviewer trying to slant it towards exploitative cheesy stuff. And I don't really tell you guys all about my love life...though you can probably figure out a good chunk of it if you read between the lines. :-)

Kevin comes home on the 19th. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
If you couldn't tell, I am very pleased.

Back to the damn paper.

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