(Thanksgiving) Lydia’s…


  • Lydia's feeling better
  • I'll be at SiliCon Saturday - maybe I'll see some of you
  • I have my health
  • I have you guys
  • I published a book
  • It's not snowing
  • I'm progressing on my novel
  • I can walk down the street and see bougainvillea
  • I am loved
  • It's raining
  • I can make a fire if I want
  • I'm listening to Flash Girls (Emma Bull's band)
  • My publisher is a nice guy
  • I'll probably be able to make rent
  • I'm discovering that Lydia and I have an appalling amount in common
  • Sherman's parents are cool people to have Thanksgiving with
  • I've written a lot more poetry this year
  • All of my friends and family are basically healthy
  • They haven't blown up the planet yet
  • Spring is coming (okay, not soon, but it's coming :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Eat too much.

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