Oh, I’ve been very bad….

Oh, I've been very bad. Sorry, everyone, but this week has been highly work intensive. It has, however, also been productive, and I'm fairly pleased with the good progress I made on the novel. In other news, my book arrived today! Yes, it's the first copy, absolutely amazing, and it looks gorgeous. Oh, I admit it's a little thin, at only 128 pages (I kept having this image of this 500-page hardcover beauty, though I knew darn well I hadn't written one :-), and I did find one typo, but I just don't care! It's a book a book a book and it's all mine!

I am feeling rather smug. :-)

Can't chat long, 'cause I have to finish up some stuff before class, but I did want to check in with you guys. The next couple of days will also be crazy -- in fact, you probably shouldn't expect regular reports from me 'til classes end in mid-December. :-) The diary is going to be truly erratic for a while. Hope you all get to go see the opening of Star Trek: First Contact -- I'm going to be going! :-)

5:00 - Gosh, tired. Going home, but wanted to drop a note that you might want to check out Sean's Journal. I haven't actually read it, but since he's one of my journal readers, I thought I'd pass it along. :-)

Also, Allen requested more recipes. :-) Well, I haven't done anything too exciting lately, but here's what I threw together for lunch yesterday, when Sherman requested 'something Italian':

Garlic Pepper Sausage with Onion-Tomato Sauce

Okay, this isn't going to be in traditional recipe format -- I'm just going to tell you. You start with the sauce, which is basically a tomato sauce, 'cept I use way more onion that normally called for. Two large onions, chopped, lots of garlic chopped, sauteed in olive oil; add two pounds plum tomatoes chopped and lots of Italian spices and some black pepper and salt. Cook for a while. Meantime, sautee one large red onion, sliced until soft. Add precooked garlic sausage sliced into thin rounds, and a fair bit of black pepper and hot paprika. Cook spaghetti and serve together. Gosh, I skipped a lot of details - hope you got the gist. Very simple beginner's recipe.

Was at Lydia's for dinner and Balderdash last night (fun game I hadn't played before. Came in 2nd. :-) and she made a really impressive 'cheap and sleazy salmon shepherds' pie'. I think what she did was boil potatoes, cook frozen mixed vegetables in the meantime, defrost salmon and debone and chop up, mix with vegetables and season, mash potatoes with a little margerine, layer potatoes over vegetable salmon mix in a baking dish and bake for 20 minutes. I was writing a story with Kaylie and then watching Sherman cruelly beat on Kira at chess (he *says* he was teaching her, but I have my doubts, considering he took her queen almost immediately), so I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, but that's the best I can extrapolate, and it was delicious.

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