Sorry it’s been a while,…

Sorry it's been a while, but I've been having some family problems which knocked me out for a few days. Then Kevin arrived for a visit, so I spent the weekend down in the South Bay with him, with no real net access. But I'm back! :-)

Hmmm...not much exciting to report, really. Finalizing book cover design; going over final proofs. Book should be at the printer within days, and I think will be out by early November (though don't quote me on that :-).

Sunday was a lovely day out at the park watching the Blue Angels -- airshows aren't usually my thing, but these formation pilots were really impressive --- and the stealth that was up before them was simply beautiful.

Entering the second round of revisions on "Interruptions" -- this may well be my best story yet. :-) I'm very pleased with it, though it's a lot of work. I'm also working on a series of children's poems (along the lines of "The Tummy" from '95) that may well turn into a book. I'm starting to look for an illustrator to work with.

Generally in a good mood today. Was way down for a while following upset with the folks, but must soldier on, yes? People have been most encouraging and supporting, which is helpful.

All right -- off to attempt some more work. Going to take a stab at starting the Skiffy web pages today. Going to collaborate with Sherman -- that way I get to make him do a lot of the grunt work and he gets credit for HTML design. :-)

4:20 -- gosh, had great fun today. Along with starting up the Skiffy (temporarily at this address, comments welcome) pages, spent some time studying HTML. Now know how to do transparent GIFs (none on my pages yet, as I didn't really have any images suitable, but we'll be putting some on the Skiffy pages) and interlaced GIFs (see the flower on my home page. :-) Very very exciting. Also learned tables, which are tedious, but not too difficult. I don't plan to use a lot of fancy stuff in these pages, but I may occasionally supplement my income with web designing, and thus must learna few more things. Frames, sounds, video, CGI scripts. Not a high priority, but is fun, so I may learn 'em soon anyway. I can highly recommend Lemay's book on HTML; quite clear, and good design principles.

Oh, also took a break and watched The Tall Guy, a very cute film with Emma Thompson (goddess incarnate). Laughed lots. Do not watch if you are overly fond of musicals and do not liked to be poked fun at. :-)

May be a bit out of access the next couple days, as I'll be down at Kevin's parents again. Will try to check in, but may be somewhat erratic till Th/Fri. Have a good week, if I don't talk to you!

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