Morning, everyone. Gosh,…

Morning, everyone. Gosh, it's nice being able to wake up and log right in (an addict? who, me?). There wasn't actually much mail (some RSVP's for my housewarming party this Friday), but it's still nice. :-) Just finished reading a book my friend Sherman pressed on me, Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates. I'd read his Last Call, which is a book all poker players should read -- this one is very different, but also quite good. To quote some cover quotes that I agree with utterly, "Powers uses historical characters, events and places with absolute verismo and then weaves them into totally wacko situations, somehow keeping the conviction factor afloat" and "Humorous without being a comedy, dramatic without being tragic, moving without being sappy..." A very impressive time travel tale -- they're so hard to do well.

Next on my reading list is some schoolwork, I'm afraid -- I'll let you know how it goes. And since I need to read it before my 10:50 class, I'd best go do it now. Have a good day, everyone!

--2:50 - just taking a break to let you know I'm in the middle of hopefully finishing the 'How to Set Up Your Own Web Page' pages. Wanna look? Advice appreciated.

--3:55 - finished! whew! I also include a poem I wrote yesterday...not very good, I'm afraid, but heartfelt. I stopped by alt.callahans newsgroup only to find that an old friend/acquaintance had recently died. Not anyone I knew well enough to grieve for...which is part of what sparked the poem.

I have not said enough fond goodbyes

So it goes. Friendships chance made drift and
part across the miles and ether. We are accustomed,
even welcome, at times, the easy excuses -- "it's
always hard to keep track across the net." Perhaps
keep a fond memory or two, with good intentions, until one
evening, your path crosses one which should have been his. And
regret clenches your gut, that once again the warm words were left
too late.

September 23, 1996
(for Carl Lydick)

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