(Labor Day)Argh. I am so…

(Labor Day)

Argh. I am so frustrated by my Ireland site. I don't know yet why it's still down -- no response to my mail to the guy who provided it. All I can think to do is to wait and do these entries just in case. sigh. Am in the process of setting up multiple other sites so this doesn't happen again. :(

So, otherwise in my life, I am totally overcommitted. How did this happen? Current projects that I need to do, most of them soon:

  • Homework for Renaissance Poetry class
  • Start novel (Dreams by Lamplight) over again for fiction class
  • Plot out bdsm comic book I'm collaborating on
  • Translate at least one, preferably three of my stories to screenplays because several people have shown interest, one with funding, and that's not the sort of thing a wise writer who wants to make money ignores
  • Get going on the erotic horror novella for Puritan -- not due for a couple of months, but those things take me a while
  • Revise "Was It Good For You" for the book -- should probably revise the essays too.
  • Get the majordomo software up and running to the erotica mailing list.
  • Design their web pages.
  • Find out what the status of the magazine is from my lovely editors. Solicit more contributions.
  • Figure out some way to get my computer fixed. The disk drive is broken, which makes it seriously difficult to bring work home (sure, I can cut and paste it to the net, but what a pain. I don't have a car, so I'm not sure how I can get it to a shop -- I don't even know what kind of shop I need. :( And my friends with cars all work during the day, which is presumably when shops are open. Argh.
  • Call the phone company and have another line put in so I can log in from home. (This one actually shouldn't be too hard to do).
  • Oh, and for some reason I volunteered to design the web pages from Skiffy, my college science fiction club. Not only that, but I want them to be interesting, so it'll probably be a fairly complex design. I'll let y'all poke at it and give me comments once I get going on them.
  • Not to mention all the unfinished revisions lying around, the quest I haven't finished on Holomuck, etc. and so on...

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