Hi, everyone. Oof — I’m…

Hi, everyone. Oof -- I'm going to have to get back to doing these more often -- there's so much to tell you from the last week. I'll try to go day by day and sum it up.

Friday night -- Elissa's bachelorette party. Several of us females (I won't name names :-) headed out to the Sugar Shack (the only strip club we could find in Chicago that featured male dancers for women). (NOTE: If you're doing a small group, it's much more cost effective to go out than to hire a stripper -- prices for hiring in were about $100 for 15 minutes, whereas we got a 3 hour show for $25 each, which included two free drinks and featured 5 different dancers, plus the waiters.) There were lots of gay clubs, but since one of the people coming was very nervous about the whole procedure, we thought it would be best to go someplace where we'd be surrounded by women. Turned out to be a good choice.

When you come in, you're met by a cute man in a tux, who asks for your ID, takes your money, and tags your wrist so they know you can drink. Then they lead you to a table (if you want one on the main floor, make reservations first!) and offer you a blowjob. *grin* Well, not really. A blowjob is a long tube filled with whipped cream and some sweet drink -- Kahlua, we think. One of the waiters sits you down, straddles your lap, firmly puts your hands on his butt and then gyrates a bit. The waiters were a lot cuter than the dancers, in our opinion, less bulky, and dressed in white t-shirts and black jeans, rather than silly little g-strings. Then he pours the blowjob down your throat and kisses you. The kisses started out brief, but by the end of the evening, they were getting hotter. If you paid them more, you could take off their shirt and rub your hands all over their nicely muscled chests.

I don't want to give away the whole show -- it was pretty silly, but kind of amusing nonetheless, especially watching the women on the main floor hooting and hollering. They were also groping the dancers pretty freely -- I know it's their job to put up with it, but I still found that kind of disturbing. I guess it's just that I wouldn't want to do anything sexual with anyone who didn't really want to be there...just personal squick, I guess. Still, it was a fun show -- the cowboy and the space man (complete with Star Wars music) were a bit much, but one of them was a really good dancer -- good enough that I'd have paid to see him in a regular dance performance. He made up for the others that just gyrated their way across the stage. If you go, be prepared to tip heavily. I think we spent about $10-15 each on tips, and we weren't asking for much. The most fun was watching our friend who'd started out really reluctant turn into a raving sex maniac. She was drooling, I swear. :-) After the show we grabbed some food and went home to sleep.

Saturday -- Do I remember Saturday? Mostly hung out at Roshani's, I think? Maybe? Moved my stuff over to Elissa's, since I was planning to crash there and give R&J their place back for a bit. Oh right, we went toy shopping, and then went back to E&B's to play games. Nuclear War, I think the game was called. Everyone died the first time. :-) I think Adam won the second round, but his population as decimated. Bryan and I made Ethiopian food for dinner, then I went to Steve and Lori's going-away party (silly, since they're going away to San Francisco, but I got to see people, especially Curtis, an old friend who just moved back to Chicago, and Katherine, who cut off all her gorgeous red hair!!!) Party went so late that I crashed there, stumbling back to Bryan's in the morning after 4 hrs sleep.

Sunday -- I definitely don't remember Sunday. Tried not to fall asleep, I think. Sunday night I went downtown to meet Lisette, my bestest friend, and we went back to her place to watch Star Trek. She handed me a slab of sausage and asked what I could doith it. Dinnerwise, that is. :-) No pasta, no bread, no tomatoes, no onions...just some rice and spices. We managed. Ended up staying up late talking, unsurprisingly. It seems like we never get enough time to just talk together...five hours sleep.

Monday -- Monday was hell. I had 9 boxes to haul around town, pack and unpack, no one available to help but Roshani, who wasn't feeling well and could only drive (Adam helped a bit, for which I'm eternally grateful), and the weather was painfully hot -- the worst it had been since I'd arrived. We eventually managed to get it all done, but ick. What a pain. Monday night we picked up Jordan and went to have dinner with my aunt and her family. It was great seeing the kids again! They've gotten so big, and the two oldest have e-mail now...

You'd think that was the end of the night, but no. Came back to Roshani's, and logged in briefly to check mail before sleeping (I admit, I'm an addict). Paul decides to 'talk' me (Paul is a sweet ex of mine). We end up talking on-line for five hours -- then the connection gets flaky and we switch to the phone for 2 more hours. Well worth it -- it was a messy breakup (my fault) and there were several things that hadn't really gotten dealt with. A very satisfying and ultimately pleasant call. But god, I was tired Tuesday.

Tuesday -- Basically travelling. Elissa drove me to the airport; quiet flight home; David met me at the airport. He took me home and fed me, and then I fell asleep at 7:30. Slept 13 hours.

Wednesday -- Tried to catch up on mail (snail and otherwise) and did a bit more packing. Basically a quiet day, though had to borrow some cash and rush to the bank to cover a check 'cause of some silliness financially. All's well now, though. Spent the evening reading a children's book from the library, The Far Side of Evil, sadly out of print, and talking to Kevin and watching tv. Reheated frozen pierogi with onions sauteed in butter and served with sour cream. Jalapeno cheddar pierogi -- surprisingly good. Fell asleep early.

Today -- Finally! Not much exciting to say. Catching up on backlog of mail (seems like I'm always doing that). Got very behind in some writing assignments -- did one today, and must do another tomorrow. Packed a box -- my closet is almost empty. Pretty much just my dresser left. Reading the first book of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser -- Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber. A fantasy classic -- I don't know why I haven't read these before. Have to find some time today to run Kevin's suit to the cleaners -- the wedding is Sunday. Roshani will be here Saturday morning -- she's staying with us for the weekend and attending the wedding. Oh, forgot to mention -- the bridesmaid dresses are lovely. Dark green, with white lace at the sleeves. Probably the best color for me Elissa could have picked. :-) Dinner with David tonight -- he promised me some of his yummy pasta sauce.

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