Ooh, I’ve been very bad…

Ooh, I've been very bad here. Sorry, but I've really had almost nothing to report but packing packing and more packing. Very sad. But I've got about ten boxes finished, and only a little kitchen and bathroom stuff (perhaps a box's worth) and some clothes left. Then I pack a suitcase for Chicago and one for Pennsic, and I'm done. With any luck it'll all be done before I go to Chicago. Oh, just so y'all know now, I'll be visiting friends there (and throwing a bachelorette party :-) from July 30th - August 6th, and at Pennsic (the SCA's annual war; camping in woods in medieval clothes :-) from July 12th - 18th.

I had a lovely birthday -- thanks to all of you who sent kind wishes. Much appreciated. :-) It was fairly quiet; lots of calls from family and friends, and Kevin and I spent the evening at home watching movies. Finally got to see the end of Pride and Prejudice -- Emma Thompson was, as expected, fabulous in this lovely film. Kevin liked it quite a bit too, so it must be good, since our tastes in movies are generally quite different. :-)

Had an interview with Debonair magazine yesterday. It was interesting, though I'm a bit worried that it'll be more sensationalistic than I'd have liked. Debonair is a popular Indian magazine, and the reporter was going at it rather from the perspective of here's a South Asian woman who's willing to talk about sex. Which is true, but rather lends itself to abuse. Well, he'll send me a copy -- let's just cross our fingers and hope.

Got some other good news yesterday, but I'm going to wait to tell you all about it until everything's confirmed. Wouldn't want to jinx things. :-) Stay tuned.

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