Morning! (Very early…

Morning! (Very early morning -- it's currently 4:58 a.m. This isn't such a bad thing -- I've been wanting to get up earlier to write, but it's a bit frustrating being woken by mosquito bites after 5 hours of broken sleep. (Something was going on outside last night -- it was really noisy from about midnight to 2 a.m. It's occasionally a real pain living in the city (though generally I like it (how's that for nested parentheses? :-)))).

Talked to one of you recently and was informed that "The Queen and the Soldier" was Suzanne Vega. Of course. Also forgot to list Steeleye Span among the Celtic bands I really like -- their "Black Jack Davy" is great, ditto "Alison Gross".

Little else to report. Today is going to be a full day -- the Cezanne exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art at 9 (Abby is selling me her discount ticket 'cause she doesn't want to get up that early :-) with Mary and Laurie; Tai Chi at 3:30; dinner with Abby around 5; over to the Bards pub afterwards to attempt (pathetically) to play with the musicians there (Sunday nights musicians get free drinks. :-) I'm not a bad musician, but I need my sheet music, and they don't seem to believe in the stuff. I try to just jam along, but it's damn hard. They've all been playing this way for 20 years and have hundreds of tunes memorized (I'm pretty good at learning songs, but memorizing just notes is much harder for me). Going to go hang out on a muck for a while now until I wake up. :-) Have a good day, everyone.

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