Hey, I’m back from…

Hey, I'm back from visiting the family. Things went about as well as could be expected. You may see some poems or stories about it in a bit, but I'm still assimillating it all now. It's good to be home again.

Not much else to say right now -- I'm churning through the appalling amount of mail that piled up while I was gone (one of the fairly quiet lists I'm on exploded into a flame war), and after that there's lots and lots of work to be done. Bought a new CD today by Ani Difranco (on the recommendation of a soul- sib I recently met on-line). Haven't decided yet whether I like it, but I think probably yes. Finished the collected Time Patrol stories by Poul Anderson while I was gone -- excellent stories. If you like history and/or time travel, you should definitely hunt these up. It took me a while to get through them, because after each one I had to stop and think about it for a while (usually I just devour short stories -- a bad habit).

Playing Magic again today. The game is addictive. :-)

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