Well, sorry for the…

Well, sorry for the brief delay, but things have been busy here. Saturday I drove down to Virginia for a Furrymuck gathering at an amusement park, King's Dominion. Fun, but exhausting (woke up at 3:00, left Philly by 4:30 a.m., stayed up till 1:30 a.m. Saturday night) and have been very tired since. Only really recovering now. Tai Chi Sunday at 3 was very interesting, and then had a potluck dinner Sunday night (made sushi again). Someone asked for my sushi recipe -- I got it from the Complete Asian Cookbook, which I recommend highly. In brief:

Sheets of toasted nori (seaweed) (2 per person)
Chinese rice (the very sticky kind) (1/2 cup/sheet)
Seasoned rice vinegar (rice vinegar with sugar, available in Japanese stores)
Fillings (such as sliced cucumber, sliced avocado, chinese mushrooms marinated and simmered in soy sauce and rice vinegar, sliced egg (fried thinly), cooked shrimp, crab meat -- I don't have a reliable source for fresh raw fish, so I stick to these)
Wasabe (Japanese horseradish, extremely pungent; better if you buy it powdered and reconstitute it)
Soy sauce

1. Cook the rice (in double the amount of water as c. rice) and mix with 1-2 T. rice vinegar for every c. of rice.
2. Spread cooked rice over 2/3 of a sheet of nori.
3. Add fillings in a thin row over first filled third of sheet. Do not overfill. You may choose to add wasabe here as well.
4. Roll tightly from filled to empty end, sealing with a bit of water to moisten nori if necessary.
. 5. Slice in rounds, so it looks like sushi :-). Serve with wasabe mixed with soy sauce.

If you have a dinner party, let your guests do steps 2-5 themselves -- it's lots of fun. :-)

Other than that, mostly working. Catching up on mail, revising the erotica market list and the alternative sexualities list. Next step is revisions to two stories, "The Rewards of Virtue" and "A Holo Affair". When I finish those (recent stories), I plan to move backwards to "Married, 2026" and others. Also have a novella to write for Puritan and there's always the novel. Work is progressing on the magazine, and we're hoping for a first issue in early September.

So far I'm having some trouble settling down to work, but having Star Trek running in the background seems to help (of course, when I hit an episode I haven't seen (about 1 in 4), I have to actually stop and watch, so it's not entirely efficient.)

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